Jubilee Street Parties

The window for applications for Jubilee Street Parties/June Street Parties has now closed. No more applications will be accepted for this period. Please see the street party application form below for the date deadlines for street party applications occurring later in the year.

You can apply to close your local street to host a street party, to celebrate The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee 2022.

Please note that main roads or those on a bus route cannot be closed. For events with more than 500 residents you should instead visit Visit Southampton's events webpage.

Suggestions of ways to use your closed street and tips on a successful event are available on The Street Party website.


All affected properties must be consulted in writing at least once about any proposed road closure. You can use our template resident letter if you wish. You should try to resolve any objections before making your application.

For all community street closures you will need to read the terms and conditions and noise guidance and complete the application form:

Platinum Jubilee street party application form

To get your road closure order for free, you should send your completed application to southamptontma@balfourbeatty.com at least six weeks before the first day of the month of your street closure. Otherwise a road closure notice will cost £112.


There are some possible costs to be aware of:

  • The hire of appropriate road closure signs
  • £25 for site inspection if you erect a stage or a bouncy castle
  • £21 if your event needs a Temporary Event Notice for the supply or sale of alcohol
  • For events at which more than 100 individuals are likely to attend: minimum £5m Public Liability insurance


You can borrow flexible 'Road Closed' banners for free for the duration of your road closure order from:

  • Toy Library, Swaythling Neighbourhood Centre, SO17 3AT (open Tuesday and Wednesday, 10:00am to 2:00pm and Saturday 10:00am to 12pm)

You will need to present your road closure order upon collection.

Southampton Children’s Play Association (SCPA) are able to offer portable play kits on loan for your street closure. If you are running a Play Street or a community event, these would be ideal to offer as tactile play for young children. Please get in touch with SCPA by emailing office@scpaplay.org.uk or calling 023 8043 3086 to find out more. Go to the website to find out more about the organisation.

You can also email activetravel@myjourneysouthampton.com or call 023 8083 4765 if you are having issues with obtaining resources.

Stewarding the closures

During community street closures the street won’t be completely closed to vehicles; you must allow access to people living on the street. Each end of the road will need to be manned throughout the closure to allow residents access when necessary. Once children have been cleared from the road resident vehicles can be escorted in at 5mph.

Cleaning up

It is your responsibility to leave the site in a clean and tidy condition. This includes litter that may be blown beyond the site boundary. The organiser of the street closure will be charged if the council has to send extra cleaners to clean the street after your event.

For additional help and advice on the Street Party road closure, please email southamptontma@balfourbeatty.com