Time Bank

Time Banking is an exchange of skills and experience within a community, trading your skills for someone else’s in order to get a job done. It is an exchange of time, an hour for an hour.

Everyone’s contribution is welcomed and everyone’s skills are valued equally – one hour always equals one Time Credit regardless of the type of transaction.

  • Everyone agrees both to give and to receive help, to earn and to spend their Time Credits
  • Everyone is encouraged to spend their Time Credits to allow others the chance to make a difference and feel valued

Southampton Timebank
Email: Timebank@southampton.gov.uk
Website: www.southamptontimebanks.wordpress.com
Facebook: Southampton Timebank

Time Banking core values are

  • People are assets. Everyone has some valuable skill to offer
  • Redefining work: every work is valuable to someone
  • Working together: we need each other – promoting the two way relationship of giving and receiving as healthier and more rewarding
  • Improving and empowering our communities: healthier communities have strong social networks

Timebank maintains high standards of safety for its members, including

  • Individual interviews at home as part of the recruitment process
  • Two references obtained for every new Timebank member

The Timebank Broker may come with you when you first undertake tasks. This is to make sure everything is OK and everyone is happy. As the Timebank grows, you will soon get to know other Timebank members and build up a useful network of people you can trust and call upon.