CAT applications

CAT applications should ONLY be submitted if one of the following has already occurred:

Your organisation has submitted a CAT Speculative Enquiry and has been asked to submit a CAT application, or

The council is advertising an asset(s) for CAT and is inviting CAT applications

Below are all the documents you need to complete in order to submit your CAT application:

Application Form (Includes a Business Plan)

NB: We will accept your application in a different format as long as you provide ALL the required information as requested in the above documents.

Important information

  • Before submitting your CAT Application please ensure you are eligible to apply by checking the ‘Who can apply’ criteria
  • A deadline for the submission of the CAT Application will be provided. This will typically be four weeks but by negotiation can be extended up to a maximum of 12 weeks. If a deadline for one applying organisation is extended it will also be extended for all other organisations applying for that asset
  • It is your responsibility to make sure you don’t miss the deadline and late submissions will not be accepted
  • A separate CAT application will be needed for each asset being applied for
  • We suggest you download and save each of the above documents prior to completion
  • Read through each document in conjunction with the CAT Toolkit. The toolkit will help you to familiarise yourself with what your organisation will need to do to undertake CAT
  • Once complete please submit your CAT application to:

What happens next?

After the deadline the applications will be appraised using the CAT Appraisal Form.

CAT Appraisal form