Preparing for your Community Asset Transfer (CAT) application

Your organisation and its governance - CAT toolkit part 1

Your committee/management board

Taking your group through CAT can be a long, tough process. Is your committee up for the challenge?

  • Is everyone committed to working through the process?
  • Do you have the skills necessary to undertake CAT and manage any building/ land if your application is successful?
  • Can you allocate tasks to people and know they will be completed by the deadline?
  • Does your governing document allow you to legally hold property? If not, how will you change your governance arrangements?
  • Are you prepared to meet on regular basis as a group to move the process forward and ensure everyone is involved?
  • Would you consider joining forces with another group to help take on an asset? If so contact the CAT team at SCC for more information. By emailing
  • How are local people represented?
  • Is your committee/board open to and able to demonstrate an inclusive approach to the members of the wider community?
  • Are you up to date with any ‘returns’ as required by your governing body/bodies?

Governance and policies

Do you have the following and do they need updating to reflect managing an asset?

  • Governing document
  • Equal Opportunities policy/statement
  • Safeguarding vulnerable people (children & adults) policies
  • Health and safety policies

Do you need to have working procedures?

  • These explain how individuals would use the policies in practice e.g. if a young person disclosed abuse would your volunteers/staff know what to do?
    These procedures would make that clear.

Do you want to develop a trading arm?

  • If your organisation is non-profit making and exists for community/social/environmental/ economic benefit you may develop a business element such as a community café. However, to be considered for CAT, this type of business and financial gain cannot be the main driver, any financial surplus should be applied to serving your core community aims and objectives, it cannot be distributed to any owners or members. Check your governance document enables you to do this. Find out what steps you can take to adjust your governance, if required.