3 - Community engagement

This page will help you prepare for your Community Asset Transfer (CAT) application by looking at community involvement and increasing use.

What are your plans for the use of the asset?

  • Do they meet the needs of the local community?
  • Do they meet the needs of a particular group, for example, unemployed people, young people?

Can you justify your plans?

  • By consultation
  • With feedback from users

If you are invited to submit a CAT application you will have to provide evidence that you know what the local community wants.

Sustaining current use

Tell us about how you are going to sustain current use, for example if there are existing, tenants, community organisations or statutory services for example Pre-school or Sure Start that use the building.

If you are taking on a new asset, how are you going to give local people a voice?

It’s important that your group involves local people in the management of the asset and future plans and activities.

Innovation and increasing use

What can you do differently to make better use of the asset?

How can you add value either financially or by extending its use and reaching out into the community? This is where you need to be as imaginative as you can.

How will you promote your activities?