4 - Inclusion and diversity

This page will help you prepare for your Community Asset Transfer (CAT) application by looking at inclusion and diversity.

How will your organisation, in planning and managing this asset, actively eliminate discrimination, advance equality of opportunity and foster good relations within the community? You will need to evidence this in your CAT application and include an action plan to deal with any issues or gaps you identify.

Each application for CAT will undergo an Equality and Safety Impact Assessment (ESIA). This will be undertaken by the Council but your organisation needs to be aware of the criteria we will assess against.

How could you help new groups to form to meet community needs?

How will the asset, and how it is managed, be accessible to all sections of the community?

How will you encourage the community to be more cohesive and the asset to be a focus to enable this to happen?

How can you contribute to making the community feel safe and promote understanding of different issues for example young people needing places to meet and play rather than being perceived as a nuisance by others?