This page will help you prepare for your Community Asset Transfer (CAT) application by looking at how you manage people.

Do you employ staff? Will you need to in the future to help manage the asset?

Do you involve volunteers or hope to?

How will you make sure staff or volunteers understand your proposals for the asset and include them in the success of the project?

As part of your CAT application you will need to explain your policies and procedures for managing both volunteers and any paid staff.

For example have you got:

  • Clear structures including decision making and reporting lines?
  • An effective and fair way of recruiting staff and volunteers?
  • Role descriptions for volunteers?
  • Job descriptions and person specifications for paid staff?
  • Induction, support and supervision in place?
  • Written contracts of employment for staff which meet legal requirements?
  • Clear written disciplinary and grievance procedures?
  • A whistle-blowing policy so staff/volunteers are encouraged to report problems?
  • Adequate training in place for the duties staff/ volunteers have to perform?