This page will help you prepare for your Community Asset Transfer (CAT) application by looking at social and economic sustainability.

How are you going to promote environmental, social and economic sustainability and wellbeing?

How will you stimulate different age groups to be involved with the asset? Could you encourage social wellbeing? For example, organise intergenerational projects?

How will your project be a focus or offer opportunities for the community to improve the environment? For example, having a community allotment.

  • How energy and carbon efficient is the asset? Could this be improved? For example, installing solar panels and other eco-friendly initiatives?
  • Could bills be reduced by purchasing energy in a different way, for example, forming a scheme with other organisations who manage assets?
  • Could users be made more aware of their energy or water use?
  • Could you promote use of more sustainable transport by staff or volunteers? For example car share, public transport, safe walking routes, cycle schemes
  • Could recycling be promoted?
  • Do you purchase equipment and resources as a group, for example, with other organisations to reduce costs?
  • Do you purchase recycled or recyclable goods?

How could you assist the community to tackle economic issues? For example, a drop-in job search club, clothes recycling or hosting a Credit Union.

How could volunteers/staff assist with these types of ideas?