Educational group visits

The emphasis is on active learning towards agreed targets. Most sessions take place at the Hawthorns Centre and on Southampton Common, although staff are also able to visit schools and other open spaces in Southampton.

How does it relate to the national curriculum?

Our outdoor learning environment gives ideal opportunities to deliver and enrich aspects of the following:


  • KS1 – Sc2: 1a,b,c (Life processes), 2a,b,e,f,g (Humans and other animals), 3a,b,c (Green plants), 4 b (Variation and classification), 5a,b,c (Living things in their environment).
  • KS2 – Sc2: 1a,b,c (Life processes), 2 e (Humans and other animals), 3a,b,c,d (Green plants), 4a,b,c (Variation and classification), 5a,b,c,d,e,f (Living things in their environment).
  • KS3 – 3.3a,d,e (Organisms, behaviour and health), 3.4 c (The environment Earth and Universe).
  • KS4 – 2.1a,b (Organisms and health), 2.4a,b (Environment, Earth and Universe).

There are many opportunities for hands-on inspirational activities in other subjects including geography, art, numeracy, literacy, history and citizenship, either as a specific focus or as an integrated cross-curricular link.

We are also happy to consider any new ideas that you may have.

What does the visit involve?

A group visit to The Hawthorns typically involves a full day of both centre-led and self-led activities however we run a flexible approach and aim to cater to the specific requirements of each group.

If you wish to bring a group independently there is no charge, however some facilities may not be available if in use by a booked-in group. Please contact the Hawthorns well in advance to discuss details for your visit and to avoid clashes.

The Education Officer is also available to visit Southampton schools for fieldwork, to give talks, to run or advise on activities or help with staff training. Please contact The Hawthorns with any enquiries.

Master copies of educational materials can be provided free-of-charge (with further copies charged at cost price).

To discuss dates or visit details and charges, please complete the school and group online enquiry form.

How to make an enquiry

We will need to know:

  • Details about the school and the key stage group
  • Number of participants and of groups/classes
  • Which activities and venue you are interested in
  • Topic being studied

Starting and finishing times are by agreement and schools/groups must carry out their own risk assessment.


Before you fill in this form

You won't be able to save this form to complete later, so please allow yourself 10 minutes to fill it in.

Make a school and group enquiry

Remember: This form is an enquiry only, it does not mean a booking. Payment will be made by journal transfer from Southampton Schools, or on receipt of an official Southampton City Council invoice

Contact details

Staff are not always available to answer the telephone during the week and not at all at weekends but if you leave a message, we will get back to you as soon as possible.

You can also find more information about the Café at The Hawthorns