To provide additional socialising areas we are proposing to include some feature seating.  These would be constructed from poured concrete to leave a smooth finish that can be used as a ‘canvas’ for community art engagement.

Following the theme of the local mosaic trail, the seating would be covered with mosaic tiles, as this is also a more resilient finish, and local residents will be invited to work alongside the artist to create images that could be included in the seating.

These images give an idea of what the seating could look like although variations may be made to the style

Outcrop seating
Set into the bank and has a mixture of spaces with room for socialising. The bench style allows you to sit facing either way.

Outcrop seating

Geometric multilevel seating
Uses the bank to provide a back rest and larger art space

Geometric seating

TG (Townhill Green)
A design show how shapes can be used to add interest and variety

TG seating