Trees in a dangerous condition

You can report a tree to us that you feel is an immediate hazard to life or property, such as:

  • Fallen tree
  • Newly leaning tree
  • Dead or diseased tree (please describe the suspected disease)
  • Broken branches about to fall
  • New movement at the base of the tree
  • Vandalised (pulled out or burnt)

If instead the tree does not pose an immediate hazard, you can request works to council owned trees to us. More information can be found on the trees webpage.

Reporting a tree in a dangerous condition

We will ask you for information on the location and about how big the tree or branch is. We will also ask if the dangerous tree or branch is causing a hazard on a road, footpath, or property.

If you are reporting a leaning tree, please tell us when the tree started to lean and if you can see the tree roots coming out of the ground.

If you are reporting a dead or diseased tree, please tell us how the tree is dangerous, for example a section of a tree has split out.


Before you fill in this form

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Report a tree in a dangerous condition