Infrastructure sectors

Core strategy ref.

Net funding requirement to 2026

Indicative CIL contributions to 2026

Strategic Transport 
(excluding specific improvements needed to make the development acceptable in planning terms. These can include but are not limited to, pedestrian, cycle and public transport improvements, directly related to the development site, such as specific junction improvements, highway crossovers (tactile crossings and dropped kerbs), footway surfacing/kerbing improvements, bus stop improvements (shelters, kerbing & electronic bus timetabling), street furniture and other specific elements of public realm improvements
£177.3 million £13.8 million
Green Open Spaces 
(excluding the provision of on-site public open space)
£22.7 million £20.1 million
Strategic Flood Risk 
(excluding specific flood risk measures required to facilitate the alleviation of flood risk in relation to the development site)
£26.8 million £11.5 million
Education CS11 £8.9 million £7.9 million
Sports, Recreational and Community Facilities 
(excluding the replacement of community facilities lost as the direct result of new development)
CS3 £12 million £4.4 million
Health CS10 £4.3 million £0.8 million
Museums, libraries and the arts CS3 £3.9 million £3.5 million
£255.9 million £62.1 million