Meeting the housing, education and health needs of a growing population

Former Ordnance Survey housing Centenary Quay

One of the key challenges of the new Local Plan will be to deliver the right number and type of new homes needed in Southampton, while ensuring the city is a good place to live and development is supported by infrastructure. New homes are needed to address the city’s increasing population and to deliver economic growth as people move to access new jobs.

The plan will identify sites for developments of five or more homes. Larger housing developments will be focused on the city centre, central areas and other major sites such as Centenary Quay and the council’s Estate Regeneration sites. Outside the city centre, the plan may identify town and district centres (for new homes above ground floor level) and major transport corridors where the council would support intensification and medium density redevelopments. A small level of development is expected on sites outside these areas. As part of this consultation, the council is inviting people to suggest sites for five or more new homes to be assessed and considered for housing development.

As well as the right numbers, it is important to get the right type and size of new homes. The plan will consider specific needs such as housing for an increasing elderly population, those on low incomes, families, students and Gypsies and Travellers. There is also a need for affordable housing provided at below market prices across the city and larger housing developments will include a proportion of affordable housing.

Education and health facilities

The growth of the city will be supported by infrastructure including education and health facilities. Existing schools, further and higher education (including halls of residences) and major health facilities will be protected. The plan will also support new provision of early years facilities.

Increasing pupil numbers mean in the long term there may be a need for another secondary school, or a satellite school from an existing secondary school . The plan will set out the criteria for new schools if required and plan for the long term growth in pupil numbers. The council will also work together with health providers (and other public sector land holders) to make best use of their sites whilst addressing issues such as access and car parking and the likely future health needs in the city. In addition to health infrastructure, the plan will consider ways that new development can support healthier lifestyles and improve public health.