The new Local Plan will set out policies for uses such as housing, employment, retail and open space. 

One way that these policies will be delivered is by allocating individual sites for a particular type of development or use. These allocations will ensure that new development meets the needs of the city, is in sustainable locations, supported by infrastructure and appropriate to the area where they are located.

The sites identified so far are predominately in the city centre and in the Itchen Riverside area. Outside these areas, the plan includes the Ford site (for industry and warehousing with the option for Park and Ride if appropriate) and the Nursling area including Redbridge Lane (suitable for a range of uses and responding to the growing population in the surrounding area).

City centre

City Centre development map    

Potential sites identified in the city centre (see Issues and Options Consultation Paper for further information):

  1. Station Quarter
  2. Western Gateway Quarter
  3. Retail Expansion area
  4. Royal Pier Waterfront Quarter
  5. Watermark West Quay
  6. West Quay Western Site B
  7. Above Bar West (Asda / Marlands)
  8. Above Bar Parkside (eastern side of Above Bar)
  9. Former East Street Shopping Centre / Debenhams
  10. Itchen Riverside – see below
  11. Bargate sites
  12. Albion Place / Castle Way
  13. Northern Above Bar
  14. East Park Terrace
  15. St Mary's Road
  16. Fruit and Vegetable Market (part in Old Town Quarter)
  17. Duke / Richmond / College Streets
  18. Ocean Village
  19. Albert Road South / Canute Road
  20. St Mary's Street and Northam Road

Itchen Riverside

Itchen Riverside development map
Potential sites identified in the Itchen Riverside area (see Issues and Options Consultation Paper for further information):

  1. Mount Pleasant Industrial Estate / Fairways House
  2. Former Meridian site
  3. Drivers Wharf / Princes Wharf
  4. Northam Peninsular (including Saxon Wharf, Lower William Street Industrial Estate, Oil Spill Response and Shamrock Quay)
  5. Northam Estate
  6. Northam Triangle including Peel Street, Cable Street, Victoria Street areas
  7. Gas Holder site
  8. Aggregate Wharves
  9. Central Trading Estate
  10. American Wharf
  11. Chapel Riverside
  12. Paget Street
  13. Kemps Quay (north of Quayside Road) / Rampart Road Depot
  14. Willments Marine and Business Park
  15. Hazel Road South including Supermarine Wharf
  16. Centenary Quay