Authority Monitoring Reports

Monitoring is required to ensure that, over time and in changing circumstances, the approach set out in planning documents continues to be the best one given the available alternatives, and that the policies continue to be relevant and effective. It provides a crucial feedback loop within the plan-monitor-manage approach to spatial planning. It also provides decision makers in the public, private and voluntary sectors with the basis to trigger contingency plans and or to review their actions, strategies and policies to reflect changing circumstances.

The Authority Monitoring Report 2015-16 below sets out a range of data and reports on the progress of plans. It incorporates the revised methodology for calculating housing numbers from student accommodation as set out in the 'Authority Monitoring Report 2014-15 Revised Housing Data’ report. Although this change has had an impact on projections, the council can still demonstrate a five-year land supply.

Authority Monitoring Report was previously known as the Annual Monitoring Report.

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Authority Monitoring Report 2015-2016pdf879.0 KB
Authority Monitoring Report 2014-15 Revised Housing Datapdf45.4 KB
Authority Monitoring Report 2014-2015pdf968.3 KB
Authority Monitoring Report 2013-2014pdf821.0 KB
Annual Monitoring Report 12-13pdf157.7 KB
Annual Monitoring Report 11-12pdf241.2 KB
Annual Monitoring Report 10-11pdf1.1 MB
Annual Monitoring Report 09-10pdf1.1 MB
Annual Monitoring Report 08-09pdf1.2 MB
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