PPE orders

The Local Resilience Forum have a limited PPE stock which can be requested by organisations in critical need, whilst they wait on delivery from other suppliers.

We will only be able to consider your request if:

  • You do not have enough stock for the next 24 hours (or weekend)
  • You have attempted to order from your usual supplier and Government designated wholesalers
  • You are not expecting any deliveries in the next 24 hours

Please be aware that any eye-protection your receive is reusable. Please see the Public Health England advice for more details.

We will try to fulfil your order, based on current criteria, from our stock.


Before you start

You won't be able to save this form to complete later, so please allow yourself five minutes to complete the form.

Make a PPE order

PPE portal

The government has developed a PPE Portal, in partnership with eBay, which has been tested with the sector and is now being scaled up nationally. They invite all GPs and small residential and domiciliary social care services in England to use the portal. This will be in a phased approach confirmed at the start of each week.

During this phase of the roll-out, GPs and small social care services (care homes with 24 beds or fewer and home care with 99 clients or fewer) will be invited to register on the portal by the end of this week.

Please make sure that all these providers routinely check their email accounts registered with the CQC/MHRA.

How providers register:

  • Providers will receive an invitation email from DHSC to register on the portal.
  • Providers should use the link within the email to access the portal and complete the registration process.
  • After registering, providers will receive email confirmation. Providers are asked to check their junk mailbox if the email is not received.

Remember: only providers contacted directly by DHSC will be able to register and so we ask that other emails publicising the service or suggesting that providers try the link are not sent out.

During this time of the PPE portal development you can continue to access an emergency supply by completing and submitting this form. We will update this page once we have confirmation that providers, in the eligible groups noted above, have received their invite and been given ample time to register and use the new portal.