Using your parking permit

Where can I use my parking permit?

Signs like these indicate that permit parking is permitted. Times and days may vary. Always read the signs.

Permit sign indicating permit times and two hour stay, except permit holders Permit sign indicating parking zone 5 and that parking is for permit holders only.

Specific rules for using your residents’ and visitors’ parking permit by zone

Zones 1-16 and 23

Vehicles correctly displaying a valid residents’ or visitors’ permit can park in permit holder bays. In limited waiting bays there is no time limit if permit displayed. Please be aware that some limited waiting bays do not allow parking for vehicles displaying a permit.

Zones 17 and 18

Residents’ vehicles displaying a valid permit, may park in the on-street pay and display bays in Golden Grove or Rockstone Place.

Zones 20 and 22

Vehicles correctly displaying a valid permit must be parked fully in a marked bay in the designated parking bays of the residents' car park.

You will only be able to park in the zone you have been issued on your permit. You can check your zone boundary and restriction times using the zone map.

Please make sure you also check the roadside plates when you park to check when restrictions are in force.

A residents’ parking permit only applies to the vehicle whose registration number appears on that permit.

Further guidance for using your visitor parking permit

Visitor scratchcards

  • Each scratch card can be used only once
  • Scratch off the day and month for the date that the scratch card is being used
  • Write the registration number of the vehicle in which the scratch card is to be displayed in the box provided
  • Finally, seal it using the laminate cover and display it in the vehicle so that it can be clearly seen

Annual visitor parking permits

  • May only be used for a maximum stay of eight hours including limited waiting periods
  • For a stay longer than eight hours, visitors scratch cards should be used
  • For visits of more than six consecutive days, applicants should notify the council in writing of this requirement confirming that the permit is only being used for the purpose of visiting the household
  • May only be used for parking vehicles within a distance of 100m of the permit-holding household
  • Only valid when it is displayed in a vehicle

Places where permits may not be used

Signs and lines like these indicate that permit parking is not permitted. Times and days may vary. Always read the signs.

Single yellow line

Yellow lines can only give a guide to the restrictions and controls in force and signs, nearby or at a zone entry, must be consulted.

Time plate indicating when parking is not permitted Controlled parking zone sign indicating when on-street parking is not permitted.

Limited waiting

Sign indicating two hour waiting limit and no return within two hours

Double yellow lines

Sign indicating no parking at any time

The above plate 'At any time' is no longer legally required.

Pay and display

Sign indicating 'Pay here at meter. Display ticket' Sign indicating 'Pay here at meter. Display ticket' with a direction arrow pointing at meter

Signs may also be worded as 'Pay at machine'