Local Transport Plan 3

Our existing Local Transport Plan - known as Southampton LTP3 comprises two main documents:

  • The Strategy document (published in 2011) outlines the long term plans for transport investment until 2031. It contains 14 cross-boundary policies developed in partnership with Hampshire County Council and Portsmouth City Council. These policies set out a framework for planning future investment in our highways and transport infrastructure. The document also sets out more detail on how each transport mode will be improved within Southampton

  • The Implementation Plan document (published in 2015) outlines the planned spending on transport improvements and maintenance between 2015 and 2018

The LTP3 set out six local goals for transport which are:

Local Goal 1 (LG1): Increase bus patronage
Local Goal 2 (LG2): Improve the bus as urban mode of choice
Local Goal 3 (LG3): Improve the people movement capacity of network
Local Goal 4 (LG4): Improve awareness of travel options
Local Goal 5 (LG5): Encourage active travel as urban mode of choice
Local Goal 6 (LG6): Encourage fewer vehicle trips to city centre

Document Type Size
Local Transport Plan 3pdf3MB
LTP3 Appendicespdf2MB
LTP3 consultation summarypdf1MB
Implementation plan 2015-18pdf2MB
LTP3 SEA adoption statementpdf1MB
LTP3 SEA post consultation reportpdf1MB