Electric Vehicles

At present vehicles in the UK are predominantly petrol or diesel powered, producing 331,000 tonnes of NOx pollutants nationwide (DEFRA, 2016). 

Plug–in electric vehicles are run entirely on power from the National Grid or other electric suppliers. Whilst they are not the complete solution to removing harmful emissions, they do produce much lower levels of pollution. 

For this reason we fully support a move from old-style combustion engine vehicles to electric ones, and are doing a number of things to encourage this transformation.

Our small fleet 

By 2020, 20% of Southampton City Council’s fleet of vehicles will be electric. This will be done by exchanging vehicles that need replacing for electric ones. We are in the process of purchasing the first six and they will be in use by spring 2018. 

In a recent study of our current vehicles, the following data was collected over a two week period from the six vehicles based on the average mileage of 17.9 miles per vehicle travelled each day.

Current Diesel vehicles x 6 (daily average)

  • Total fuel spend: £11.81 (11p/mi) 
  • Total CO2 emissions: 149 kg (1,380 g/mi) 

Estimated electric vehicle conversion figures (daily average) 

  • Electric cost: £5.16 (4.8p/mi) 
  • CO2 emissions 00 kg (00 g/mi) 

Electric charging points 

We are currently working with Hampshire County Council to procure a supplier who will set up a network of charging points throughout the city. These are expected to be in place in early 2018, when we will be able to share information about where they are located and how to use them. 

City centre season ticket parking concessions 

As an incentive to owners of electric vehicle we are currently offering a 90% discount on any city centre season ticket for which they are eligible.

Thinking of buying a new vehicle?

If you are, why not visit Next Green Car which provides independent information about environmentally friendly cars.