Invalid concessionary bus pass card

If your bus pass card is not valid it will have been hotlisted.

Is your bus pass valid?

Bus ticket machines on local bus services in Southampton and surrounding areas will indicate if a Concessionary Bus Pass is not valid for travel and will give an alarm signal.

Why would your bus pass not be valid (hotlisted)?

  1. If you have informed the Council that your pass had been lost or stolen – please do not use bus passes which have been found after being replaced, these will be hotlisted.
  2. If it had previously been used fraudulently – all bus passes which have been reported as being used fraudulently will be hotlisted.
  3. If you are no longer entitled to concessionary travel. The Council should be notified if your circumstances change and you no longer qualify.

What happens if the ticket machine indicates my bus pass is no longer valid?

The driver will inform you that your pass is not valid - you will be able to continue to travel on your journey.

You will be given a leaflet giving contact details and requesting that you apply to replace your bus pass within a certain time scale if you want to continue receiving concessionary travel.

What do I do if my bus pass is not valid?

Contact the council in one of the following ways

Email: giving your name and account number (from the back left hand side of the card)
Telephone: 023 8083 3008 (option five)
Visit: a Southampton City Council Library or Gateway at One Guildhall Square, SO14 7FP

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