IT Facilities Map

This interactive map shows where you can find free use of computers, free Wi-Fi and online training in Southampton and surrounding areas. For more information, please click the map icon which interests you.

If you are aware of any other free training or online help we can add to the list, or would like to update us on recent changes to the events listed, please contact


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Getting online has its benefits. Whether you want to video chat with friends and family far away, balance your bank account or find a better bargain in an online shop, getting online can open up a whole new world. Getting online also allows you to access many essential public services like prescription renewals, free school meals and council housing applications.

How we can help

Whether you are an absolute beginner or just need to brush up on your internet skills, we have people who can help you. We offer a number of free resources, such as home visits by a tutor, teatime clubs and courses. You can use the map above to find the right IT support for you.

Read the inspiring story of a Southampton resident who improved his life by getting online.

Tenant training

If you want to become involved but you don't feel quite ready to join a group there is no need to worry. We have many training courses available to boost your confidence and teach you the skills you need to take on any role in tenant involvement.

Of course you may just want to learn a new skill and there are many available, so please contact us and sign up for a course that appeals to you.