School term dates



There are changes to schools and learning due to COVID-19. Check the latest updates.

School term and holiday dates for all local authority maintained and voluntary controlled schools in Southampton.

2020-21 term dates

Term Open Half term Close
Autumn 2020 3 September 26 October - 30 October 18 December
Spring 2021 4 January 15 February - 19 February 1 April
Summer 2021 19 April 31 May - 4 June 23 July

2020-21 school year calendar (valid until 23 July 2021)

2021-22 term dates

Term Open Half term Close
Autumn 2021 2 September 25 October - 29 October 17 December
Spring 2022 4 January 21 February -25 February 8 April
Summer 2022 25 April 30 May - 3 June 22 July

2021-22 school year calendar (valid until 22 July 2022)

2022-23 term dates

Term dates for 2022-23 will not be agreed before April 2021.


Schools close to pupils on several days a year for in-service education and training (INSET) days. You will need to contact the schools directly for these dates, or check their websites.

School uniform grants

We currently do not offer a school uniform grant. If you require any extra support with school uniform please contact your child’s school as they may be able to provide spare or second-hand uniform to families in need.

Occasionally charity grants become available for school uniform. If this should occur we will provide further details.