Frequently asked questions about school transport assistance

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Alternative options if your child is not accepted

English National Concessionary bus pass

Southampton residents over 5 years of age who have a long-term eligible disability can apply for an off-peak travel (between 9:30am and 11pm) bus pass.

If your bus pass has been issued by us, you can also use it when boarding a bus within the city's boundary between 9am and 12:30am Monday to Friday.

If your child is registered as severely sight-impaired, they will be entitled to free bus travel at any time within Southampton.

If your child cannot travel alone, they may qualify for a companion bus pass. This will allow one carer to travel with them free of charge on journeys within the city boundary.

See our SmartCities application form for more information

Privilege places

Students who are not eligible for funded transport assistance may be able to buy spare seats on a contract vehicle. This is called “Privilege Transport” and costs £750 per year.
Privilege seats are not usually allocated until after the school year has begun, and potentially not until October. Privilege seats are not guaranteed and can only be offered whilst the seat is not needed for an eligible student.

Please be aware that privilege places can be withdrawn if they are needed for eligible children. Should we need to withdraw your place, we will give you 10 days’ notice and refund you on a pro-rata basis.

How to do I apply for a privilege place?

You can contact to find out more information and request an application.

Parents/carers buying a privilege seat will need to submit a new application form each year.