School finance

Section 251 Statements and the Scheme for Financing Schools

The Scheme governs the financial relationships between the council and its maintained schools.  In addition, we use budget statements to tell schools and the public about our funding plans and outturn statements detail how much we have spent in the previous financial year. The council decides the size of the schools budget before the beginning of each financial year under section 251 of the Apprenticeships, Skills, Children and Learning Act 2009.

Financial year 2018-19

Document Type Size
Budget 2018-19 Early Years Table.pdfpdf76.8 KB
Budget 2018-19 LA table.pdfpdf224.6 KB
Budget 2018-19 School table.pdfpdf111.4 KB

Financial year 2017-18

Document Type Size
Budget 2017-18 Early Years Table.pdfpdf72.4 KB
Budget 2017-18 LA table.pdfpdf231.0 KB
Budget 2017-18 School table.pdfpdf114.2 KB
Outturn 2017-18 Table A.pdfpdf170.1 KB
Outturn 2017-18 Table A1.pdfpdf83.3 KB

Financial year 2016-17

Document Type Size
Budget 2016-17 Early Years Table.pdfpdf132.9 KB
Budget 2016-17 LA table.pdfpdf222.1 KB
Budget 2016-17 School table.pdfpdf110.3 KB
Outturn-2016-17-Table-A_tcm63-403415.pdfpdf164.0 KB
Outturn-2016-17-Table-A1_tcm63-403416.pdfpdf87.4 KB

Financial year 2015-16

Document Type Size
Outturn 2015-16 Table Apdf170.0 KB
Outturn 2015-16 Table A1pdf86.3 KB

Financial year 2014-15

Document Type Size
Budget 2014-15 Early Years Proformapdf25.8 KB
Budget 2014-15 LA tablepdf39.7 KB
Budget 2014-15 school tablepdf36.3 KB
Outturn 2014-15 Table Apdf162.9 KB
Outturn 2014-15 Table A1pdf107.2 KB

Financial year 2013-14

Document Type Size
Outturn 2013-14 Table Apdf28.3 KB
Outturn 2013-14 Table A1pdf28.5 KB

Financial year 2012-13

Document Type Size
Outturn 2012-13 Table Apdf37.3 KB

Other documents

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Scheme for Financing Schoolspdf503.1 KB
School and Academy funding formula 2013-14pdf992.9 KB