Wherever possible, building materials should be stored on private land as a licence is not required to store building materials on private land.

Where it is necessary to temporarily store building materials on the public highway, you must first apply for a building materials licence before storing any materials on the public highway.

The term ‘public highway’ includes roads, pavements and verges.

Who can apply?

Anyone wishing to temporarily store building materials on the public highway can apply. Before making an application please read the building materials licence conditions and impact on street lighting assets.


  • £215.50 for four week licence (includes £37.50 licence fee, £58 site inspection fee and £120 refundable deposit)
  • Deposit will be refunded upon notification that building materials have been removed, and a satisfactory result received for post site inspection
  • This licence is renewable every four weeks at £37.50 per block of four weeks


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