Depending on the zone, you can apply for either an annual visitor parking permit or visitors' scratch cards.

Remember: Visitor parking permits can only be used by visitors of the property and not residents of said property.

Types of visitor permits

1. Annual visitors' parking permits

This is a paper permit which the permit holder lends to their visitor, to display in their vehicle, and allows that vehicle to park in a resident parking bay or shared use bay within the named street (or part of the street) shown on the permit. The permit must be returned to the permit holder at the end of the visit.

Permits are priced at a flat rate and do not depend on the resident having a car for their own use. Only one permit can be purchased per household.

2. Visitor scratch cards (book of 10)

Visitors scratch cards can be purchased by residents who live in a numbered residents' permit zone, for the use of visitors of residents.

The number of books a property is eligible for depends on your parking zone.

Before you apply:

You will need:

Please note we currently do not accept PDF documents.

Charges for annual visitor permits and visitor scratch cards (book of 10)

Zone number Annual visitor permit Visitor Scratch cards (per book of 10)
Zone 1-12 (Except Zone 3)
Zone 3*
Zone 13-14
Not eligible
Zone 15-16
Zone 17-22
Not eligible
Not eligible
Zone 23
Not eligible

* Different rules apply to 70, 84, 96, 98, 100, 110, 112, 114, 116, 118 or 120 Victoria Road; residents of these properties are not eligible for visitors’ permits.

Apply for a visitor permit

What happens next?

We aim to process your permit application within two working days of your request. Once we have processed your application, you should receive your permit in the post within seven working days.

Remember: If we ask you for more information, you need to respond within three months or your application will be closed and you will not be refunded.

If you need to apply in person, downloadable application forms can be found on our website. These can be issued in person at Gateway.

Using your parking permit

You will only be able to park in the zone you have been issued on your permit. You can check your zone boundary and restriction times using the zone map.

Annual visitor permits and visitor scratch cards can only be used to park a visitor's vehicle within 100 metres of the address the permit was issued to.

Please make sure you also check the roadside plates when you park to check when restrictions are in force.

Find more information on how to use your parking permit on our website.

Misuse of a parking permit is fraud. We will investigate all reports of the misuse of permits.


Section 115 of the Road Traffic Regulations Act, 1984

Provides penalties for any person who makes a false statement to obtain a permit or with intent to deceive, forges, or alters, or uses, or lends to, or allows to be used, or has in their possession any document so closely resembling any such permit as to be calculated to deceive.