Buying an electric vehicle

Thinking of buying an electric vehicle?

If you are, let us know. We want to find out the views of current electric vehicle owners and prospective buyers and to get an early indication of where charge points may need to be installed on-street. Email us on

For independent information about electric vehicles you can visit Next Green Car

Why should you change to a low emission vehicle?

Vehicles in the UK are predominantly petrol or diesel powered, producing 331,000 tonnes of NOx pollutants nationwide (DEFRA, 2016). For this reason we fully support a move from combustion engine vehicles to electric ones, and are doing a number of things to encourage this transformation.

Benefits of switching

By switching to a zero emission capable vehicle you can save money on fuel costs, reduce harmful vehicle emissions and help clean up Southampton's air.

There are also financial benefits:

Further funding help

The GOV.UK website details further information on zero emission vehicles including plug-in grants, a workplace charging scheme as well as an at home charging scheme.