Waiting restrictions (indicated by double or single yellow lines) prohibit vehicles from parking in certain locations. This is normally where parking would make a road unsafe for drivers and pedestrians, especially near junctions and crossings, or would cause traffic jams and delays, especially during peak traffic hours.

The restrictions apply from the centre of the road to the back of the highway, therefore vehicles parked on a footway or grass verge behind yellow lines can be issued with a Penalty Charge Notice. To report vehicles parked in contravention of existing restrictions, please use our reporting form.
Report a parking offence

Requesting changes

We receive a large number of requests for waiting restrictions from across the city and have to make tough decisions on where to make changes. This means we have to say 'no' more than we would like, especially if the request won't reduce casualties or benefit the wider community. We prioritise investment in locations where evidence shows we need to make improvements.

In residential areas the council will only consider introducing or changing waiting restrictions in the following circumstances

  • There are significant road safety issues arising due to the location of parked vehicles, evidenced by injury accident data
  • Service and/or emergency vehicles cannot gain access to a road due to parked vehicles
  • Significant traffic delays and/or congestion are occurring due to the parked vehicles

The road in question must also be adopted Highway maintained by Southampton City Council. You can use this map making sure you turn on the Highways Register layer.

If the circumstances set out above apply

Submit a waiting restriction request

If not we are unable to consider your request.

Please note that introducing or changing waiting restrictions requires a Traffic Order amendment to be made. This can take some time and is subject to a legal consultation process where the views of those residents and users likely to be affected are sought. Anyone may comment on or object to the proposals during this process. The Council will then consider all responses and other relevant information when deciding whether or not to implement the changes.

Residents' parking schemes

Residents' parking schemes restrict the use of on-street parking within a particular area in order to assist eligible residents and other appropriate service providers in finding parking during the period that restrictions apply. In order to fund the cost of this managed parking (e.g. introducing, administering, maintaining and enforcing a scheme) it is council policy for charges to apply.

Requesting changes

The council adopted a new parking policy in November 2014. In accordance with this policy the council will only consider requests for the implementation, amendment or removal of a residents' parking scheme where a formal request to do so is received from a residents' association, community group or representative sample of residents.

If you have evidence of community support:

Submit a residents' parking request

If not we are unable to consider your request.

Please note that any requests or subsequent recommendations remain subject to prioritisation and available funding.