Highway Infrastructure Asset Management

Our approach to managing highway infrastructure assets is set out in the below suite of documentation. The council's high level policy for this sets the basis for continually improving the effective maintenance of all highway infrastructure in Southampton. Below this sits the asset management strategy and together these two documents align the council's objectives with the latest advice, including that arising from the Highway Maintenance Efficiency Programme (HMEP) led by the Department of Transport.

Southampton Highway Infrastructure Asset Management Policy 2019-2021

Stemming from the strategy, we have developed a comprehensive Transport Asset Management Plan (TAMP) covering the period up to 2022. This sets out how we work with each of our Providers (Balfour Beatty Living Places and SSE Enterprise in delivering improvements to our transport network).

The TAMP is an evolving framework - especially its Appendices which are internal working documents, reviewed annually, and used to define how the highway teams deliver improved value for money across the various highway disciplines.

Acknowledging that the Transport Asset Management Plan contains a wealth of detail concerning a variety of assets, we have produced a summary of the key points associated with highway repairs. This highway maintenance in Southampton document covers the basics of how roads and pavements are inspected and prioritised for future schemes.