Faulty parking machines

If a fault develops in a pay and display machine, our system automatically alerts an officer who will attend to the machine as quickly as possible. This normally shows on the machine as a red light or a message saying that it is out of order.

If a pay and display machine is faulty or out of order, we advise you to buy a ticket from another nearby machine or move to a different car park. If you choose to remain in the parking bay without a ticket, you could receive a parking fine.

Reporting the fault

You will need to tell us:

  • Machine number (this can be found at the top of the machine)
  • Car park or street name of the machine
  • Summary of the fault you are reporting
  • Date and time the fault occurred

We will send an officer to inspect the machine and repair it if necessary.
Report a faulty parking machine

If money was lost or you paid more than once because of the faulty machine, you can claim for a refund within the same form. You will need to send us either a copy of your bank statement showing the multiple payments (these must not be 'pending' payments), pay and display ticket or receipt.

Refunds are subject to an investigation and are not issued automatically.

If the parking machine is found to be faulty, we will refund the money by postal order to the postal address you give in this form.

Remember: We do not give refunds for overpayment as it cannot be established whether the overpayment was intentional or accidental. Please check the final amount before making payment by card.