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How does marriage and civil partnership registration work and how do I obtain a certificate?

Marriage registration is changing on 4 May 2021. You will no longer sign a marriage register or be given a marriage certificate on the day. Instead you will sign a Marriage Schedule which is a one-page document containing the details of the people getting married. This is then used to register the marriage. The marriage can take up to 7 days to register following the ceremony. The real benefit to the new Marriage Schedule is the facility to record up to 4 parents on the document, which will then show on the marriage certificate.

Civil partnership registration is not changing very much because a civil partnership registration has always been in the form of a Civil Partnership Schedule. You will sign a one-page document containing the details of the people forming their civil partnership. You will not be given a certificate on the day. This document is then used to register the civil partnership. However, the new changes mean that you can record up to 4 parents on the document, which will then show on the civil partnership certificate.

More information is available in the information leaflet.

How do I apply for my marriage or civil partnership certificate?

If you are marrying or forming a civil partnership with Southampton Registration Services the fee for the ceremony includes 2 certificates. The certificates are posted to your address once the marriage or civil partnership is registered. If you need extra certificates please apply online once you have received the first 2 certificates.

There are some other things to consider if you are marrying in a church, mosque, gurdwara or temple.

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