Meeting documents

Wednesday, 18th February, 2009


  Wednesday 18th February 2009
at 14:00 PM
  Council Chamber, Civic Centre
This meeting is open to the public
  The Mayor - Chair

The Sheriff - Vice-chair

Leader of the Council

Members of the Council (See overleaf)
  Solicitor to the Council
  Mark Heath
  Tel. 023 8083 2371
  Council Administrator
  Sandra Coltman
  Tel. 023 8083 2718
  Administrative Information


Agenda - 18th February 2009
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To receive any apologies.


Deputations, Petitions And Public Questions

To receive any requests for Deputations, Presentation of Petitions or Public Questions.


Exclusion Of The Press And Public – Confidential Papers Included In The Following Item

Mayor to move that in accordance with the Council’s Constitution, specifically the Access to Information procedure Rules contained within the Constitution, the press and public be excluded from the meeting in respect of any consideration of the confidential appendix to 4A.

Appendix 4 of this report is not for publication by virtue of category 3 (financial and business affairs) of paragraph 10.4 of the Access to Information Procedure Rules as contained in the Constitution. It is not in the public interest to disclose this information because it comprises financial and business information that if made public would prejudice the Council’s ability to operate in a commercial environment


Council Tax Setting And Related Matters

A) General Fund Capital Programme - 2008/09 to 2011/12

Report of the Cabinet Member for Resources and Workforce Planning seeking approval of the updated Capital Programme for 2008/09 to 2011/12, attached.

Note: There is a confidential Appendix attached to this report.

B) General Fund Revenue Budget - 2009/10 - 2010/11

Report of the Cabinet Member for Resources and Workforce Planning setting out the latest estimated overall financial position on the General Fund Revenue Budget for 2009/10 to 2010/11 and to outline the main issues that need to be addressed in considering the Cabinet's budget proposals, attached.

4. 4a- Report     4. 4a-App 1    4. 4a-App 2    4. 4a-App 3    4. 4a-App 4 - confidential    4. 4b- Report    4. 4b- App 1    4. 4b- App 2    4. 4b- App 3    4. 4b- App 4    4. 4b- App 5    4. 4b- App 6    4. 4b- App 7    4. 4b- App 7b    4. 4b- App 8    4. 4b- App 8b    4. 4b- App 9    4. 4b- App 10    4. 4b- App 11    4. 4b- App 12    4. 4b- App 13    4. 4b- App 14    4. 4b- App 15    


Housing Revenue Account Budget Report

Report of the Cabinet Member for Housing and Local Services seeking approval of the Housing Revenue Account budget proposals including:-

(a) the proposed 2009/10 Housing Revenue Account (HRA) revenue estimates for all of the day to day services provided to Council tenants in the City, together with the proposed rent and service charge increases for council tenants from April 2009; and

(b) the HRA capital programme for the period to 2011/12, which will include an assessment of the resources available to finance major housing capital projects in the City.

5. Report    5. Appendix 1    5. Appendix 2    5. Appendix 3    5. Appendix 4    5. Appendix 5    

5. Decision


Annual Treasury Management Strategy And Prudential Limits 2008/09 - 2011/12

Report of the Cabinet Member for Resources, seeking approval to the Annual Treasury Management Strategy and Prudential Indicators for 2008/09-2011/12, as required under the provisions of the Local Government Act 2003, attached.

6. Report     6. App 1     6. App 2     6. App 3     



10th February 2009