Committee details

Health Overview and Scrutiny Panel

Purpose of committee

Health Overview and Scrutiny Panel


1. To discharge all responsibilities of the Council for health overview and scrutiny, whether as a statutory duty or through the exercise of a power, including subject to formal guidance being issued from the Department of Health, the referral of issues to the Secretary of State.


2. To undertake the scrutiny of Adult Social Care issues in the City unless they are forward plan items. In such circumstances members of the Health Overview and Scrutiny Panel will be invited to the relevant Overview and Scrutiny Management Committee meeting where they are discussed.


3. To develop and agree the annual health and social care scrutiny work programme.


4. To scrutinise the development and implementation of the Joint Strategic Needs Assessment and Health and Wellbeing Strategy developed by the Health and Wellbeing Board.


5. To provide the membership of any joint committee established to respond to formal consultations by an NHS body on an issue which impacts the residents of more than one overview and scrutiny committee area.


6. To consider Councillor Calls for Action for health and social care matters.


7. To respond to proposals and consultations from NHS bodies in respect of substantial variations in service provision and any other major health consultation exercises.


8. Liaise with the Southampton LINk, and its successor body ‘Healthwatch’, and to respond to any matters brought to the attention of overview and scrutiny by the Southampton LINk and its’ successor body ‘Healthwatch’.


9. Provide a vehicle for the City Council’s Overview & Scrutiny Management Committee to refer recommendations arising from panel inquiries relating to the City’s health, care and well-being to Southampton’s LINk, and its’ successor body ‘Healthwatch’, for further monitoring.


10. Undertake inquiries relating to health and well-being issues in the City.



Contact information

Support officer: Ed Grimshaw, Democratic Support Officer. 023 8083 2390