Change your bin size

Your bin

Each household in Southampton will have two bins; a green lidded bin for general waste and a blue lidded bin for recycling. Each household will also have a grey box for glass recycling.

If your house has little or no storage space at its front then you will be issued rolls of sacks that are delivered twice yearly.

Blocks of flats usually have larger communal or shared bins and a glass bank, or wheeled bin, for glass recycling.

Changing your bin

Before you contact us to request a change in bin size, please check the size of your current bin. The standard size of a bin issued to Southampton households is 240L.

Bin sizes - 140L, 240L and 360L

Recycling bin (blue lidded)

Larger or additional recycling bins can be provided if you have sufficient storage space for the bin, are recycling as much as you can of the correct items in your current bin, and we consider your request to be reasonable.

General waste (green lidded)

You are entitled to request a smaller bin if you only produce a small amount of waste and a smaller 140L bin would suffice.

Requests for larger general waste bins will not be considered at this time - please continue to the form to request larger capacity recycling bins only.

Glass recycling box

Additional glass recycling boxes may be requested if your current grey box has insufficient capacity.

Changes from sacks to wheeled bins

If you are currently using sacks, a wheeled bin may be requested if you have room to store bins on your property.

If you need to change your bin size, and do not live in a flat, you can request a new bin online. You will need to make a separate request for each type of bin you wish to change.

In order to assess your needs we will need to do a visual inspection/assessment of your bin.   We will always knock your door and talk to you about your request.  If you are out, due to time constraints, we will assess your bin in order to make a decision about your request for a larger or additional bin. We will let you know we have called by dropping a card through your letterbox.

Please leave the bin to be exchanged visible at the front of your property.

Change your bin

If your request is approved, we aim to exchange your bin within two to four weeks.

If your property has communal bins and you wish to discuss a change in bin size, please call 023 8083 3005.