Change your bin size

Your bin

Each household in Southampton will have two bins; a green lidded bin for household waste and a blue lidded bin for recycling. Each household will also have a grey box for glass recycling.

If your house has little or no storage space at its front then you will be issued rolls of sacks that are delivered twice yearly.

Blocks of flats usually have larger communal bins and a pod, or wheeled bin, for glass recycling.

Changing your bin

Larger or additional recycling bins can be provided for residents providing that they have sufficient storage space for the bin, are recycling as much as they can in their current bin, and we consider their request to be reasonable.

Before you contact us to request a change in bin size, please check the size of your current bin. The standard size of a bin issued to Southampton households is 240L.

You are entitled to request a different bin if:

  • You only produce a small amount of waste so a smaller 140L bin would suffice

  • You are part of a large family who require a larger 360L bin (this will be provided at our discretion)

  • Your current glass recycling box has insufficient capacity and an additional grey box is required

  • You are currently using sacks but have room to store bins on your property.

If you need to change your bin size you can request a new bin online.

Change your bin

We aim to exchange your bin within 7 working days if authorised. Please leave the bin to be exchanged visible at the front of your property.