Conducting business in the EU post-transition

Does your business trade with the EU?

There will be changes to UK-EU trade at the UK border including customs, tariffs and VAT.

If you don’t have a UK Economic Operator Registration and Identification number (EORI), apply here to continue to trade with the EU.

Check how imports from and exports to the EU will be impacted, including tariffs, taxes and transportation of goods. Find out about the other actions you will need by visiting prepare to export to the EU and prepare to import to the UK.

Do you sell manufactured goods to the EU?

There may be new rules you need to comply with.

Check regulatory requirements for UK and EU markets, including labelling, approvals and testing.

Do you provide services/or operate in the EU?

Find out what you need to know to be able to export from January 2021.

Do you hold any intellectual property (IP)?

Keep up to date on trade marks, designs, patents, copyright, and exhaustion of IP rights during the transition period.

Do you employ EU citizens?

Useful Information for employers on employing EU, EEA and Swiss citizens in the UK, covering: right to work checks, the EU Settlement Scheme and the UK’s new immigration system.

Do you transfer personal data into the UK?

Will you be using personal data in your business or other organisation after the transition period? What action will you need to take regarding data protection and data flows with the EU/EEA after the end of the transition period.

Customs Grant Scheme

What is the Customs Grant Scheme?

HMRC has made a record funding of £50 million available to enhance its Customs Grant Scheme. From 29 July 2020, organisations can apply for funding to reimburse a number of costs associated with increasing their capacity and enhancing their ability to complete customs declarations, ahead of the new rules from January 2021.