Embedding social value into procurement process

Southampton City Council sets social value high on the agenda by going beyond the requirements of the legislation and considering social value across all spend over £5,000.

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Our aim is to enhance the local economic, social and environmental benefit achieved via our spend and contracting arrangements with suppliers including delivering long-lasting and sustainable positive impacts and outcomes for Southampton’s communities and businesses

This links to the Southampton Pound initiative which centres around the vision that the money made and generated in the city should support and bolster the local economy and bring social and environmental benefit.

The Southampton Pound initiative supports the Green City Charter.

What are our key objectives?

Objective 1: Source more goods, services and works locally when Best Value can be demonstrated and in so far as legal requirements permit;

Objective 2: Maximise the benefit to Southampton and its economy from the money generated and spent by the Council and other Southampton based organisations and their supply chains;

Objective 3: Increase the Social Value related commitments within appropriate contracts and ensure they are delivered.

How are we achieving our objectives?

  • In accordance with relevant legislation, we have developed a Social Value and Green City Procurement Policy supported  by our Southampton Social Value Outcomes Framework which is embedded in procurement policies and procedures
  • We are applying appropriate Social Value weightings to our evaluation criteria where relevant and proportionate to do so
  • We are actively supporting local SMEs to access Council procurement opportunities through regular “meet the buyer” sessions
  • We are taking a proportionate approach to incorporating social value within our contract
  • Where appropriate, we are using a nationally approved toolkit to evaluate and measure social value related commitments (the TOM’s toolkit) see below

Easy guides for buyers and suppliers can be found here:

Document Type Size
Social value and Green City procurement policypdf1MB
Social value frameworkdocx34KB
Social value - easy guide for SMEs and VCSEspdf1MB
Social value - easy guide for buyerspdf1MB
Social value - national TOMsxlsm1MB