Under the The Electoral Registration and Administration Act 2013 all local authorities are required to complete a review of their parliamentary polling districts and polling places at least every five years.

The last review in Southampton took place in 2014 and polling places are kept under review annually following an election as a result of comments received from the presiding officers, councillors and electors.

Where possible the council tries to minimise the impact of elections within the community. For example we try not to use schools to avoid any unnecessary impact on education and also to minimise the use of portacabins, so that residents are not affected by the noise from generators.

However, we also have to balance this with the need to ensure that electors are able to cast their vote at an election as easily as possible.

Thought must be given, for example, to the distance people have to travel to vote and any barriers to them getting there, such as major roads, whether the building has good access for wheelchair users or pushchairs, and whether it has parking spaces and good public transport nearby.

There are a large number of considerations to be reviewed and the final decision has to be a balance between all the possible contributing factors.

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