Effective pest control

Sheltered warm buildings with sources of food and water, however small, will be attractive to pests. Undetected pests can cause serious damage to building structures, stocks and ultimately the services you offer. Pest control of one form or another is a serious issue that most businesses should consider as part of their management responsibilities.

For rodent pest infestation there is a legal requirement for their eradication and control whilst some insect infestations can cause stock damage and lose you staff who refuse to work in such conditions. In extreme cases it could mean closing your premises while the problem is tackled, costing you trade and reputation.

Effective pest control can only be guaranteed with regular inspections and control measures. Many businesses have contracted pest control as a preventative measure, especially those businesses in the catering or hotel industry or those with large premises.

Southampton City Council Pest Control Services

As a local authority we offer a comprehensive and professional range of services using the latest techniques at competitive rates. These include:

  • contracted regular visits
  • consultation on pest proofing measures
  • one-off infestation treatments

All our team are highly qualified (Royal Society of Health Certified in Pest Control, or equivalent), professional and always courteous.

We can also provide the support of additional enforcement services where your premises is affected by pests from neighbouring properties.

Call us on 023 8083 3005 (option 4) to discuss this service.