We will safely and hygienically dispose of any dead animal reported on land owned or managed by the council. This includes rodents, domestic pets and larger wild animals such as deer and badgers.

If the dead animal is on a busy carriageway, please report this, making it clear that it is causing a traffic hazard. We will then give the case a high priority status and make sure it is referred directly to the specialist Highways unit. More routine cases will be dealt with by the street cleansing team, but should still be attended within one working day of report.

Report a dead animal

Dead animals found on private land or property are the responsibility of the land-owner or occupier. If you need assistance, contact your local veterinary practice.

Details of any domestic pets recovered from council land are recorded by the street cleansing team. We include all relevant information such as breed, colour, markings and location in a duplicate book that is stamped by the veterinary practice commissioned to carry out the disposal. We retain a copy in case of future queries.

As a matter of standard procedure, the veterinary practice will scan any domestic pet for a microchip so they can contact the owner. If no microchip is found and the carcass remains in a reasonable condition then the animal will be kept in refrigerated conditions for at least seven days before it is disposed of. This allows reasonable time for the owner to discover its whereabouts.

If your cat or dog has been missing for an unusually long period of time, contact us with a brief description of their pet and we will check this against our recent records.

Email: parksandstreetcleansing.services@southampton.gov.uk