My child or relative was adopted

If your child or relative was adopted, please remember that it is always the decision of the adopted person whether or not they wish to make contact with you.

Can you help me find my adopted child or relative?

Southampton Adoption Service is not able to help in tracing children or other relatives who have been adopted. This is called an intermediary service, and we are not registered to carry out this work.

You can, however, meet with one of our experienced adoption workers. They will help you get in touch with other adoption agencies who do offer intermediary services.

We can also advise you about other ways in which you can let the adopted person find out about you.

What if I want to write a letter to my adopted child or relative? 

Some birth relatives write a letter to the adopted person, explaining how they can be contacted. Some also write their own account of the circumstances which led to the adoption. We put these letters in the adopted person's file. The adopted person would then be able to read these letters if they choose to access their adoption records.

What other help do you give?

We can also put you in touch with counselling services if you have been affected by adoption.  We also offer advice and support to birth relatives who have already been reunited with an adopted person.


Telephone: 023 8083 3004