The housing with care schemes in Southampton provide the security and privacy of your own home alongside a range of facilities and support on the premises, with 24-hour care provision if you require it.

You may be thinking about moving or having to leave your own home because of life changes or health problems, or simply because you are not happy where you live now. Housing with care can provide you with comfort, independence, support and care both now and in the coming years.

How is housing with care different from residential care?

  • You are living in your home – not in a home
  • You have your own front door – you decide who comes in
  • Not everyone has high care needs - in housing with care, there is a balance
  • 24 hour care services are available if you require them
  • You get help and support to maintain your independence
  • You can join in social activities – or choose not to and remain more private
  • You have security of tenure – the aim is a home for life

Frequently asked questions about housing with care

I live on my own and am coping but my health is getting worse and I think I should move. Would housing with care be suitable for me?

Possibly. All the housing with care schemes in Southampton accommodate a mix of residents with a variety of health, care and support needs ranging from the very low to high. The accommodation is accessible and easy to manage. You would normally need to be assessed by Adult Social Care to determine suitability for housing with care and our staff can talk to you about what that means.

If housing with care is not for you, there are other supported housing complexes dedicated to people over the age of 55 which may be more suitable.

I already live in housing for older people. What would be different in housing with care?

The biggest difference is that housing with care has care staff on duty 24 hours a day, alongside support staff. Some housing with care schemes also have a restaurant/café available as well as social activities that you can join if you wish.

My doctor/family think I should move into residential care. What are the advantages of choosing housing with care instead?

It is important to listen to advice and explore different options to find which one is the most suitable for you. Housing with care means that you have your own home, you control your own money, and have privacy and choice over how much interaction you have with other residents. The support staff and the care workers will help you to look after yourself and will enable you to maintain your independence for as long as possible and try to ensure that your routines stay as normal as possible, if that is what you wish. 

What happens if my health gets worse while I'm living there?

We expect people's needs to change – not always for the worse! There may be times when you need a lot of care and support, but there may be times when you need much less. The staff are there to enable you to make choices and the aim is to help you live independently for as long as possible.

My parents are showing early signs of dementia. Can they move into housing with care?

Possibly. Many people who develop dementia when living in housing with care can continue to be supported in their home by staff and family as before. Although the housing with care schemes in Southampton currently do not have specialist dementia flats, the support and care staff are highly trained in supporting older people with dementia and they would be able to discuss your parents' needs with you.

Is this a home for life?

The aim of housing with care is to provide a home for life and although this may not always be possible, it is the aim.

Who runs the housing with care schemes in Southampton?

Southampton has four housing with care schemes – three are owned and managed by Southampton City Council and the other by Saxon Weald Housing Association. A new council-managed scheme, Potters Court, is currently under development and is due to open in 2021. The care staff are funded by Adult Social Care.

Am I eligible to apply?

To apply for housing with care, you must be eligible to join the Housing Register. There are set criteria in order to do this. More information can be found in the find a home section of the website.

Can my partner come with me if they do not have care needs?

Yes, the aim is to provide you with a home for life and your independence.