Your responsibilities as a tenant

You must report it

You must report repairs needed, faults or damage to your home or any communal area to us as soon as is reasonably possible.

This will help us to keep your home and its surrounds a safe and pleasant place to live.

Report a repair

Small, minor repairs

You are responsible for carrying out small, minor repairs and everyday tasks.

Examples include replacing lost keys, renewing a bath plug, filling plaster cracks and small holes and unblocking the kitchen sink waste pipe. Anything you have provided or fitted yourself is your responsibility to repair and maintain unless we have agreed in writing to do so.

You can find out more about repairs via our repairs section.

Older and more vulnerable tenants

Older people and people with disabilities may be able to get extra help with certain repairs that we expect more able-bodied tenants to do for themselves.


In emergency situations, for example a burst water pipe or leaking gas, you are expected to do what you can to prevent any damage or health and safety risks. For example you should turn off a leaking gas or water supply and keep others (including children and pets) away from affected areas.

You are also expected to report the problem straightaway.

If you have a repair that is a danger to your health or safety please contact:

  • 023 8083 3006 (option 2) between 8:30am to 5pm, Monday to Friday
  • 023 8023 3344 evenings, weekends and Bank Holidays

Exchanging (swapping) your home

If you exchange (swap) homes with someone then you take responsibility for the property as it is.

It is your choice to exchange and we do not expect to take on a large amount of extra repair work as a result. We will however still do any work needed to maintain health and safety, for example repairing a fire door or a burst pipe and servicing any gas appliances that are our responsibility.

You can find out more about mutual exchange via our mutual exchange page.

Where you have caused repairs to be needed

We are not responsible for the cost of any repairs when the work needed is because you, anyone living, or anyone visiting your home have caused the problem. This includes children or pets.

This cause of this damage can be through neglect, negligence, misuse, theft or deliberate damage.

If this happens we will charge you to have things put right. You will also be breaking the conditions of your tenancy agreement, which could put your home at risk.

Maintenance work

Sometimes, during certain repair or maintenance works, we may have to ask you to use alternative, temporary heating, water or toilet facilities. If you do not follow our instructions then we may charge you for any damage caused as a result.

You can find out more about planned maintenance works via our designated pages.