Report a repair - please select the type of repair from the list below

Before reporting a repair, remember, some minor repairs may be your responsibility.

You can request routine repairs to Southampton City Council owned homes by using our online service and telling us when you are available for the repair works.

You cannot request urgent/emergency repairs using the online system, you will need to telephone us.

When you request a repair we will ask you

  • Your name, address, landline and mobile phone numbers and your email address
  • What and where the repair is
  • When you are available to allow access to your property, please provide your availability giving multiple options of days, dates or school run. (Please note school run slots are limited)

We will advise you in our response

  • If it is your responsibility to carry out the repair
  • If you will need to pay for the repair
  • Your works order number – this will make it easier for you if you need to speak to us in the future
  • A date when the repair will be carried out or the appointment date if one is available
  • Repair charges

If you have provided a mobile number we will send you a text reminder of the day before your appointment. Please make every attempt to be at home at the time of your appointment.

IMPORTANT - If you are out when our tradesperson calls, your job will be cancelled and a card put through your door. You will need to report the repair again and arrange a new appointment.

Request a repair - please select the type of repair from the list below