Apply for a school place or change an existing school place

If you pay your council tax to Southampton City Council then you must apply for schools, wherever they are, through our Admissions team. You can do this online or by post. You cannot visit the Admissions team in person.

Please note, you will need to register with the Citizen Portal to apply for a school place online. This account is only used for applying for school places or checking eligibility for free 2 year old education, and is separate to any other account you may have registered with us.

Online applications are accepted from 11 September 2017 for:

Citizen Portal guidance is available to use when applying, and answers a lot of the common problems.

Online applications close:

  • At 23:59 on 31 October 2017 for secondary school year 7. If you have missed the deadline, please contact the Admissions team to submit a late application
  • At 23:59 on 15 January 2018 for reception year R and infant to junior school year 3

You cannot apply online after the closing date or for places needed in this academic year. If you are not happy with your child's current school you can request an in year transfer.

If your child has a Statement for Special Educational Needs or an Education, Health and Care Plan, you will need to contact the Special Needs Team on 023 8083 3270.

If you only intend to apply to an independent or private school, please advise the Admissions team in writing.

What happens next?

Getting your application in on time gives your child the best chance of being offered their preferred school. Any application received after the deadline date will be treated as a late application. Late applications will only be processed after all the on-time applications have been completed. This could result in missing out on your preferred schools.

When the applications have been processed you will receive an offer of a place. As there is no guarantee of being successful, you have the right to appeal the place offered.  You may be placed on a waiting list for your preferred school.