Disabled Bus Passenger

Residents of Southampton with a long-term eligible disability can apply for travel concessions on a SmartCities card.

Bus pass

Southampton residents over 5 years of age who have a long-term eligible disability can apply for an off-peak travel concessionary bus pass.

If you are registered as severely sight-impaired, you will be entitled to free bus travel at any time within Southampton.

If you are unable to travel alone, you may qualify for a companion bus pass. This will allow one carer to travel with you free of charge on journeys within the city boundary.

For travel information regarding wheelchairs and power chairs, please see the appropriate bus company website accessibility pages.

Itchen Bridge travel

Southampton residents and non-residents can apply for exemption from paying the toll on the Itchen Bridge with a SmartCities card as a driver or passenger.

Please see section 8 of the printable application form for a list of the required documents. To show evidence of qualification for the bus pass please provide one document from section 4 (pages 14 - 17 give the Government guidance on eligible disabilities). Section 5 gives the two documents required to show evidence of qualification for exemption from paying the toll on the Itchen Bridge.

Renew your concessionary card

When your bus pass or Itchen Bridge toll exemption card expires, we need to see current evidence of your qualification as given in the application/renewal form.

*If you are unable to provide any of the documents listed in the application/renewal form, this form can be completed by a health professional such as a physiotherapist, occupational therapist, specialist nurse or consultant, ophthalmologist or aural specialist.

Please note that bus ticket machines in Southampton will register if a concessionary travel pass is not valid for travel, and will give an alarm signal. Please make sure that you use your latest issued pass which is still in date. Passes which have been reported lost or stolen and replaced are no longer valid. Invalid concessionary bus pass card.

Email: smartcities@southampton.gov.uk

Telephone: 023 8083 3008