As from Saturday 1 October 2016, there will be a charge for disposing of some items that are classified as construction waste. These items include:

  • Soil, rubble, bricks, concrete blocks and paving slabs
  • Sanitary ware such as toilets and basins
  • Plasterboard (gypsum)
  • Cement bonded asbestos

There are no charges for crockery or clay flowerpots.


Item Price
Soil and rubble £2.50 per 30 litre bag
Sanitary ware £2.50 per item
Plasterboard £10 per sheet or £6 per 30 litre bag
Asbestos £12 per sheet or 30 litre bag


Payments can be made by cash or card.

Please note: A 30 litre bag refers to a standard size rubble sack, available from most DIY stores. Please bring soil and rubble in bags or buckets so it can be tipped directly into the right container. A staff member will assess the volume of waste and apply a charge by the bag or sheet. Part filled bags will be charged as a whole bag.

There is no limit to the amount of soil, rubble or plasterboard that you can bring from your household.