If a property becomes excessively dirty and untidy it may be because the person or people living there are finding it difficult to look after themselves in their home. They maybe vulnerable and in need of support. If they are

  • hoarding possessions
  • conditions are very dirty
  • possible rat, mice or insect infestations
  • getting in and out of the property is difficult
  • there may be animals in the property that may be well cared for but are allowed to live freely without being cleaned up after

then the council is able to support residents living in such conditions often working with other agencies and services.  Any involvement in these cases is dealt with sensitively and where at all possible with the cooperation of the resident(s) together with any family.

If you are concerned about the welfare of vulnerable adults or children please contact the relevant safeguarding agencies.

Please note: We do not investigate premises that are merely unsightly, untidy or in a bad state of repair but if a property is filthy and/or verminous you can report your concerns.

What is a filthy property?
If a property is in such as bad state that the conditions can be dangerous to health it can be classified as filthy and verminous under the 1936 Public Health Act. Verminous includes rats, mice, insects or parasites and their eggs, larvae and pupae. Filthy conditions would include rotting food, human or animal excrement inside the property.