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Our new digital service puts you in control of how and when you contact us.

With spring in full bloom, it's the perfect time to enjoy the great outdoors, and thanks to several new community gardens, lots of our tenants can do just that.

Read all about the sensory gardens that smell and feel as good as they look, and discover how a scruffy patch of city centre pavement has been transformed into a tranquil spot for residents to sit and relax.

Are you keen to have a go at transforming your garden, balcony or even window box? If you've got green fingers, please share your photos and gardening advice on our Facebook page or drop us an email, and you could feature in a future issue of Tenants’ Link. Please help us to keep all our green areas and communal gardens looking their best. Don’t drop litter or feed the birds, as this can attract rats. Our Facebook page also features photos of Sarnia Court residents enjoying a special tea party in the Mayor’s Parlour recently.

Make sure you don’t miss out on important news and updates that could benefit you and your family. Remember to let us know if you change your email or mobile number, and don’t forget to tell your friends and neighbours about the new Tenants’ Link digital service so they can receive housing news, important updates on benefits changes and lifestyle features, all delivered once a month direct to their inbox.

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Our new service puts you in control

Did you know you can pay your rent while you’re at the bus stop or report a repair at midnight? These are just some of the benefits of our new digital service just for tenants and leaseholders.

Help families - thumbnail

Do you know that help is available if you are struggling?

If you are struggling, in a crisis, or finding it hard to make ends meet it is really important that you get help.

Car safety - thumbnail

Put the brakes on vehicle crime: top tips to keep your car safe

Unfortunately, we are hearing about increasing reports of break-ins into parked cars on estates, so it’s important you keep your vehicle and your possessions safe.

Water bills - thumbnail

Struggling to pay your bills? Don't throw your money down the drain!

If you’re having problems paying your water bill, or you've already racked up a debt, don't worry: Southern Water can help.

James St - thumbnail

Give us the ideas, and we'll do the rest!

If you’ve got a gripe or a suggestion to improve your area, talk to your local Neighbourhood Warden. Tenants in the central area did just that, and they’ve seen some pretty dramatic results.

Garden - thumbnail

Gardens you can touch as well as smell

Residents at both Rozel Court and Graylings supported housing schemes are set to enjoy the feel, as well as the smell and look, of new sensory gardens.


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