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Changes to your rent - While the 1% drop in rent is easier on your pocket it has created a hole in our finances, and we are having to make major changes to your housing service

We've got lots of useful advice for you this month, from getting rid of mould to keeping the water in your home safe. Plus, there's our regular update on how your pocket may be affected by the latest benefit changes. Our considerable loss of income - a result of the national rent reduction policy - means major changes to your housing service, including the closing this month of the information hatch at Thornhill Local Housing office and Shirley Local Housing office. Remember, there are lots of other ways to pay your rent and get in touch with us or keep up to date on Facebook. Check out our online article this month.

We are always keen to know if we are providing a good service and how we can improve. During March we have asked an independent company called Marketing Means UK to ring around 1,000 Southampton City Council tenants, so we can find out what you think of the service. If you get a phone call from Marketing Means UK, please spare a few minutes to answer the questions. And look out for a special edition of our annual report, which will be delivered through your door in the summer, when you can find out the results of the survey!

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Rent reduction - thumbnail

Your housing service will be changing

All our tenants are benefitting from a 1% drop in rent. While this is great news for your pocket, it’s having a huge impact on how we run your housing service.

Secure your shed - thumbnail

Secure your shed

With increasing numbers of thefts from sheds and garages (especially on the West side of the city) it’s time for you to protect your storage space as you would your home.

Benefit changes - thumbnail

Will you be affected by the benefit changes in April?

Check out our guide on how some benefit payments will be changing from April 2017.

Water safe - thumbnail

Tips for safe water in your home

Hot and cold running water is an essential part of modern day living, but it’s important that the water in your home is safe for you to drink, wash and cook with.

Scrutiny panel - thumbnail

Stop moaning and do something!

That’s the message from tenants on the Scrutiny Panel for anyone who has a grumble or a concern about the Housing Service.

Tackle mould - thumbnail

Tackle mould in your home

If you have noticed damp and mould in your home, follow our top tips to get rid of the problem and keep your property dry and your family safe.


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