A to Z of Council Services

Abandoned vehicles

Abandoned vehicles and how to report them to the council.

More About... Abandoned vehicles


Information on adoption and fostering opportunities.

More About... Adoption

Affordable housing

We want to make sure that housing in the city meets the needs of all residents. We work in partnership with housing associations and private developers to make sure affordable housing is provided.

More About... Affordable housing

Air quality

Information on air quality within the city.

More About... Air Quality

Alcohol advice

Southampton Drug and Alcohol Recovery Service offers help to recover for those challenged by the use of drugs or alcohol.

More About... Alcohol Advice


Finding, applying for and returning an allotment, including the Potting Shed newsletter.

More About... Allotments

Animal welfare service

Southampton has two Animal Welfare Officers who provide a number of animal related services.

More About... Animal welfare service

Antisocial behaviour

Report and get help with antisocial behaviour issues.

More About... Antisocial behaviour

Apply for an HMO licence

Landlords have a statutory duty to apply for a licence for a property that has multiple occupancy.

More About... HMO licence

Apply for planning permission

More About... Apply for planning permission


Southampton archives services hold a rich variety of material relating to the city and its people dating back to 1199.

More About... Archives

Art gallery

Southampton City Art Gallery offers high quality exhibitions ranging from painting, sculpture and drawing, to photography and film.

More About... Southampton City Art Gallery

Authority to discuss and appointees

Find out about appointing a third party to either manage your benefit claim or be able to discuss it with us.

More About... Authority to Discuss and Appointees

Basic bank account

Advice about opening a basic bank account, available to everyone - including those with previous or existing debt problems.

More About... Basic bank account

Benefit cap

Explanation of the benefit cap and how it may affect you.

More About... Benefit Cap

Benefit fraud

More About... Report suspected benefit fraud

Benefit rates

See the benefit rates card to help you work out if you can get help with means tested benefit.

More About... Benefit rates card

Benefits advice

We can guide you through the maze of benefits that are available and ensure that your claim has the best possible chance of success.

More About... Benefits advice


More About... Bins

Blue Badge parking

Apply for a Blue Badge as an individual passenger or driver. The council administers the scheme on behalf of the Department for Transport.

More About... Blue Badge parking


Report neighbourhood nuisances such as noise, smoke, odour, light and dust.

More About... Report neighbourhood nuisances

Book of Remembrance

Online Southampton book of remembrance.

More About... online book of remembrance

Books on prescription

The books on prescription service helps people cope with their health problems by providing access to self-help books and related information.

More About... Books on Prescription

Building control

Building control is delivered through a partnership between Southampton and Eastleigh councils.

More About... Building Control Services

Bulky waste collection

The bulky waste collection service is for getting rid of large household items which can't be disposed of through domestic waste collections.

More About... Bulky Waste Collection

Bus lane enforcement

Information about the bus lane enforcement.

More About... Bus lane enforcement

Bus pass

SmartCities card information about bus passes.

More About... SmartCities card

Business advice

We help businesses comply with legislation and to trade fairly.

More About... Business advice

Business waste

We provide a flexible, environmentally friendly, competitively priced, easy to use all inclusive commercial waste collection service.

More About... Commercial Waste


More About... Byelaws

Car parks

More About... Car Parks

Also See

Care Act

The Care Act means that carers now have a legal right to receive care and support where they have eligible needs.

More About... The Care Act 2014

Care assessment

Our self-assessment tools will advise you whether a full assessment is likely to be required. The recommendations can then be referred on to us.

More About... Adult social care

Care homes

Residential care homes are available to anyone aged 65 or over and living within the city boundaries

More About... Care Homes


The Careline service offers you help, security and peace of mind in your own home at the touch of a button, 24 hours a day.

More About... Careline - community alarm


A carer is someone who, without payment, provides help and support to a partner, child, relative, friend or neighbour, who could not manage without their support.

More About... Carers

Online Services


CCTV is making Southampton a safer place to live, work and visit.

More About... CCTV

Change of address

More About... Register a change of address

Changes to your bin collections

More About... Changes to your bin collections


More About... Childcare

Children's Centres

Did you know that Sure Start Children's Centres across the city are there for all families with children under 5?

More About... Sure Start Children's Centres

Children's services

Information on fostering, adoption, special educational needs and disabilities and Southampton Family Information Service.

More About... Children's Services

Citywide Local Plan

A long-term strategy to manage development, protect the environment and promote sustainable communities

More About... New Citywide Local Plan

Clinical waste

Clinical Waste collection is arranged through your doctor’s surgery or healthcare centre and begins after they have made a referral to us.

More About... Clinical waste

Comment on a planning application

More About... Comment on a planning application

Commercial waste

An affordable, local and reliable service for collecting commercial waste.

More About... Commercial Waste

Community Asset Transfer

The aim of CAT is to enable buildings or land to be transferred to a voluntary, community or faith organisation for community use.

More About... Community Asset Transfer

Community centres

You can book a community centre or the rooms in a community centre to hold a meeting, party or event.

More About... Community Centres

Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL)

The Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) is a tool for local authorities to help deliver infrastructure to support development.

More About... Community Infrastructure Levy

Community safety

Report anti-social behaviour.

More About... Community Safety

Conservation areas

More About... Conservation areas


The latest surveys and consultations

More About... Consultations

Contact Us

You can search for services online or E-mail addresses to get in touch are shown on our service pages.

More About... Contact Us

Council housing

More About... Apply to join the Housing Register

Also See

Council meetings

More About... Council meetings

Council Tax Bands

Find out the Council Tax charge for each Council Tax bands.

More About... Council Tax Bands

Council Tax Reduction

Find out more about getting help with your Council Tax costs.

More About... Council Tax Reduction

Council Tax Reduction Calculator

More About... CTRS calculator


Southampton is a unitary council. This means that the council is responsible for all local services within the city. Example services include education, highways and social services.

More About... Councillors

Council's Management Team

More About... Management team

Crematorium Diary

A diary showing appointments for both the East and West Chapel at the crematorium.

More About... Crematorium Diary


Southampton is a bike friendly city with plenty on offer for cyclists.

More About... Cycling

Cycling strategy

Cycling Southampton Strategy 2017-2027 sets out our future plan for investing in cycling.

More About... Our cycling strategy

Data Protection

More About... Data Protection

Also See


The help with debt section has advice on budgeting,dealing creditors and maximising your income.

More About... Help with debt

Deferred payments

More About... Deferred payments

Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards (DOLS)

More About... DOLS

Digital magazines and newspapers

More About... Digital magazines and newspapers

Direct Payments

More About... Direct Payments

Disabled Bays

You can apply to have a disabled bay marked on the street outside or near to your home.

More About... Residential Disabled Bays

Disabled facilities grant

More About... Disabled facilities grant

Disabled Parking & Blue Badge

Blue Badge Parking

More About... Blue Badge Parking

Discretionary Housing Payments

Apply for additional help if your Housing Benefit and Council Tax Reduction do not cover your costs.

More About... Discretionary Housing Payments


Lost, found and Dog Control

More About... Dogs

Also See

Door supervisors - licensing

More About... Door supervisors

Drainage issues

Report drainage issues on roads, pavements or other land

More About... Blocked drains

Drug and alcohol recovery service

More About... Drug and alcohol recovery service

Early Help

More About... Early help support for families

Elections and Referenda

More About... Elections and Referenda

Electoral Registration

More About... Electoral Registration

Emergency out of office hours

More About... Emergency out of hours

Emergency Planning

More About... Emergency Planning

Empty homes

Helping landlords and homeowners to bring empty properties back in to use.

More About... Empty homes


Our approach to Equalities.

More About... Equalities

European passport return service

More About... European passport return service


We have a dedicated Events Team who are responsible for the organisation of large-scale city events.

More About... Events

Filming in Southampton

Discover Southampton

More About... Filming in Southampton

Find a Care Home

Residential care homes are available to anyone aged 65 or over and living within the city boundaries.

More About... Find a Care Home


More About... Flooding

Food poisoning

More About... Food poisoning

Food Safety

The Environmental Health service can investigate complaints about food sold in Southampton or about food businesses operating in the city.

More About... Food Safety

Forest Schools

Activities for children

More About... Activities and events


More About... Fostering

Free school meals

Eligibility and how to apply for free school meals

More About... Free school meals

Freedom of Information

Under the Freedom of Information Act 2000 (the FOIA) and the Environmental Information Regulations 2004 (the EIR) you have a right to request any recorded information held by Southampton City Council.

More About... Freedom of Information

Garage and parking space waiting list application

More About... Local housing office

Garden Waste

Garden Waste Bins and collections

More About... Garden Waste

Garden waste subscription

More About... Garden Waste subscription

General Election 2017

More About... UK Parliamentary General Election 2017

Get planning permission pre-application advice

More About... Pre-application advice service


More About... Report graffiti


Gritting of roads and pavements

More About... Gritting

Hate crime and harassment

Hate crime is when a person, or group of people, bullies or hurts someone because they don't like who they are.

More About... Hate crime and harassment

Have Your Say

Have your say on various issues

More About... Have Your Say

Homeseekers Lettings Service

If you have a property that you would like some help in finding a tenant for, the council’s Homeseekers Lettings Service could help you find one.

More About... Homeseekers Lettings Service

Hospital discharge

More About... Going home from hospital

Houses in Multiple Occupancy (HMOs)

Landlords have a statutory duty to apply for a licence for a property that has multiple occupancy.

More About... Houses in Multiple Occupancy

Housing Benefit and Council Tax Reduction Calculator

Calculate how much Housing Benefit and/ or Council Tax Reduction you may be able to get.

More About... HB/ CTRS Calculator

Housing Benefit overpayments

Information about Housing Benefit overpayments

More About... Housing benefit overpayments

Insurance claims

More About... Insurance claims against the council

IT clubs

IT clubs provide drop in sessions to help people with basic and improving IT skills

More About... IT clubs

Itchen Bridge

More About... Itchen Bridge


Job vacancies at Southampton City Council

More About... Jobs

Junior Neighbourhood Wardens

The scheme is designed to encourage children aged 7-12 to engage in community activities, projects and events across Southampton. We will support them to develop a sense of pride and respect in their local neighbourhood and promote a positive image of children in the community.

More About... Junior Neighbourhood Wardens

Keep your City Clean

The City Council cannot achieve a clean city alone, your support is needed to keep your city clean.

More About... Keep your City Clean


Warren Avenue Kennels has now closed. Southampton now has two Animal Welfare Officers who provide a number of services including micro chipping and dealing with lost and found dogs.

More About... Animal Welfare Officers

Land Charges

More About... Local land charges and searches

Large casino

More About... large casino


More About... Information for leaseholders


Southampton has 11 libraries.

More About... Find a Library

Online Services

Library catalogue

More About... Find a reserve an item

Also See


Many activities require licences, some of which are administered by Southampton City Council.

More About... Licensing

Listed buildings

More About... Listed buildings

Local care support for adults

More About... Local care support for adults

Local Housing Allowance

Find out the Local Housing Allowance figures for this area.

More About... Local Housing Allowance

Local housing office

Your local housing service can give you a range of help, advice and information on your council home and the services available to you.

More About... Local housing office

Local Offer

Southampton Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND) Local Offer.

More About... Local offer for children with special educational needs and disabilities

Local Safeguarding Children Board

More About... Southampton Local Safeguarding Children Board

Lost and found dogs

More About... Lost and found dogs

Also See

Marriage and civil partnerships

More About... Marriage and civil partnerships

Meals on wheels

More About... meals on wheels

Mental Health

Together with the NHS we provide mental health services for people up to the age of 65.

More About... Mental Health

Micro chipping your dog

Micro chipping your dog, which is required by law, is currently offered for FREE by Warren Avenue Kennels.

More About... Micro chipping

Money advice

Facing up to your debts and understanding how best to deal with them it is the first step on the road to financial recovery.

More About... Welfare Rights and Money Advice Unit

Money and debt advice

Get advice on how to manage your money and deal with debt.

More About... Money and debt advice

Mortgage debt advice

Advice on what to do if you have mortgage arrears

More About... Mortgage debt advice

Needle collections

More About... Clinical waste collections

Neighbourhood Wardens

Neighbourhood Wardens are in all areas of the city helping you to create a cleaner and safer environment. They are there to help you make your neighbourhood a nice place to live.

More About... Neighbourhood Wardens

News and Events

News & Events

More About... News & Events

Noise and neighbourhood nuisance

If you feel that you are being unreasonably affected by noise or other nuisances from a neighbour get in touch with us. We are here to offer you help and advice with nuisances.

More About... Noise and neighbourhood nuisance

O2 Guildhall Southampton

More About... O2 Guildhall Southampton

Oaklands Community Pool

More About... Oaklands Community Pool

Object to a Planning Application

You can comment on any planning application during the consultation period.

More About... Object to a Planning Application

Open data

More About... Open data


Find council owned and managed parking.

More About... Find parking

Parking permits

Apply for a parking permit. Parking permits are required to park during restricted hours in residents parking zones. Find your zone number and when restrictions apply

More About... Parking permits

Parking reports

The Traffic Management Act (TMA) 2004 places a requirement on local authorities to produce an annual report about their enforcement activities.

More About... Annual parking reports


Southampton has a wealth of parks and green open spaces from the award winning Grade II listed central parks located in the city centre to the wilder open spaces of Southampton Common and the Greenways.

More About... Parks

Pay my rent

More About... Paying your rent

Pay the council

More About... Pay the council

Paying back an overpayment

Ways you can repay a Housing Benefit overpayment

More About... Paying back an overpayment

Paying for residential care fees

More About... Paying for residential care

Online Services

PayPoint payment card

You can use your PayPoint card to pay at any Post Office or shop displaying the PayPoint sign.

More About... PayPoint payment card

People's Panel

More About... People's Panel

Pest Control

We offer services to deal with rodents, insects and bird pests for both residential and commercial customers.

More About... Pest Control Services

Pitch and Putt

More About... Pitch and Putt

Planning applications and decisions

More About... Planning applications and decisions

Planning permission

Apply for planning permission

More About... Apply for planning permission

Political composition of the council

More About... Political composition of the council


More About... Industrial pollution


More About... Pothole and road problems

Online Services

Potting Shed

Potting Shed allotments newsletter

More About... Potting Shed allotments newsletter

Prepaid cards

Information for clients who use the council's prepaid cards, supplied by our partner, allpay.

More About... Prepaid cards


Nursery Education Funding is available for nursery and pre-school places usually from the term after your child turns three, although some funding is available for places for two year olds who meet the criteria.

More About... Pre-Schools

Privacy policy

More About... Privacy policy

Public Health

More About... Public Health

Public Rights of Way

We are responsible for maintaining and improving the public rights of way network to make it accessible and enjoyable for both residents and visitors.

More About... Public Rights of Way

Public transport

Southampton has an excellent range of public transport options.

More About... Public transport

Reading groups

Including a list of books for 2016

More About... Reading groups


More About... Recycling Centre


More About... Bins

Register to vote

More About... Register to vote

Registering births and deaths

More About... Register a birth

Also See

Renew a library item

More About... Renew your item

Rent - council tenants

More About... Pay your rent


We have constructed a comprehensive guide on helping you to find a home or rent a room out.

More About... Renting

Repair issues in your private rented home

More About... Repair issues in your private rented home

Report an issue with your rented home

More About... Report an issue with your rented home

Resident & visitor permits

A permit is required to park in residents permit zones during restricted hours. Please read these pages carefully so that you do not get a parking ticket.

More About... Resident & visitor permits

Residential care homes

More About... Residential care homes

Right to Buy

The right to buy is a government scheme that allows council tenants to buy their council rented home at a lower price than the full market value.

More About... Right to Buy


More About... Roadworks and congestion maps


We supply different bins/boxes and sacks for different types of rubbish, recycling and garden waste.

More About... Rubbish and bins

Safe City Strategy

More About... Southampton Safe City Strategy - 2014-17

Safeguarding - Adults

What to do if you are concerned about an adult.

More About... Report abuse or concerns

Safeguarding - Children

What to do if you are worried about a child.

More About... Protecting children

Safer Places

More About... Safer Places

School places

More About... Applying for a school place

School term dates

School term and holiday dates for all local authority maintained and voluntary controlled schools in Southampton.

More About... School term dates

Scrap metal dealers licences

More About... Scrap metal licensing


Land Searches

More About... Personal Land Search

Season tickets

City centre season tickets for parking.

More About... City centre season tickets

Section 251

section 251 school finance statements

More About... section 251 school finance statements


Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (0-25) SEND Local Offer

More About... SEND

Service charges for leaseholders

More About... Information for leaseholders

Shared Lives

More About... Shared Lives carers

Sheltered Housing

What our supported housing service offers residents.

More About... Sheltered Housing

Single Person Discount review

Provide the council with up to date information about your household

More About... Single Person Discount review

Single Persons Discount

Single person discount Council Tax

More About... Single person discount - Council Tax


SmartCities card

More About... SmartCities card


Smoking is illegal in public placed and workplaces if they are partly or completely enclosed.

More About... Smoking

Snow clearance

Gritting and snow clearance from roads and pavements

More About... Gritting and snow clearance

Southampton City Art Gallery

More About... Southampton City Art Gallery

Southampton Information Directory

More About... Southampton Information Directory

Special Decorating Scheme

With the special decorating scheme two rooms can be decorated once every five years free of charge.

More About... Special Decorating Scheme

Special Educational Needs and Disabilities

All schools in Southampton have the same special educational needs and disabilities duties, and are expected to provide support for children and young people who have additional needs.

More About... Special Educational Needs and Disabilities

Street cleaning

More About... Street cleaning

Street lighting faults

Report street lighting faults. Southampton street lighting services are managed by Scottish and Southern Electric

More About... Southampton Street Lighting Service

Street naming and numbering

More About... Street naming and numbering

Street Parking

Find where council owned and managed parking places are, when you have to pay and how much.

More About... Street Parking

Street trading

More About... Street trading

Student parking

Parking for students living in residents' permit zones

More About... Student parking

Support for Childcare Providers

The Southampton Family Information Service gives advice and support to parents, and help for childcare providers.

More About... Support for Childcare Providers

Sure Start

More About... Sure Start

Swimming pools

Southampton leisure is managed by Active Nations. You can use a SmartCities card for library membership and leisure venues subscriptions.

More About... Active Nation Swimming

Tables and chairs licence

Licence to place tables and chairs on the highway

More About... Tables and chairs licence

Taxi and private hire vehicle licensing

More About... Taxi and private hire vehicle licensing

Tenant Participation Unit

We are responsible for encouraging tenants to get involved in housing matters. We provide advice and help to tenants wishing to set up tenants' groups. We also give information on other ways tenants can have a say in housing services.

More About... Tenant Participation Unit

Tenants - Landlord notify of change of tenant

Landlords can notify the council of a change of tenants from this page.

More About... Landlords notify SCC of a change of tenants

Tenants' link magazine

The tenants' link magazine aims to update tenants about what is happening within the council that affects them. There is also news and features on achievements by tenants for tenants.

More About... Tenants' link magazine

The Care Act

More About... The Care Act

Trade Waste

More About... Commercial Waste

Trading Standards

Our aim is to help business to trade fairly and comply with legislation and to help consumers to protect themselves when shopping or buying services.

More About... Trading Standards


Southampton has an excellent range of public transport options.

More About... Travel and transport


Thousands of native trees have already been planted as part of the council's commitment to ensure that the city remains a green and pleasant place to live.

More About... Trees

Trees for life

Trees for life planting scheme

More About... Trees for life

Universal Credit

Information about Universal Credit.

More About... Universal Credit

Useful contacts

More About... Useful contacts

Volunteering at the library

More About... Volunteering at the library

Voting and Elections

Voting and Elections

More About... Voting and Elections

Wards map

More About... Council wards map

Warren Avenue Kennels

Warren Avenue Kennels has now closed. Southampton now has two Animal Welfare Officers who provide a number of services including micro chipping and dealing with lost and found dogs.

More About... Animal Welfare Officers

Waste collection calendar

Postcode look up for your collection days.

More About... Bin collection calendar


More About... Register Office

Also See

Welfare Rights and Money Advice

Are you having problems making ends meet or paying your bills? Don’t stick your head in the sand and hope those unopened bills will miraculously go away. Facing up to your debt and understanding how best to deal with them it is the first step on the road to financial recovery. We can help you.

More About... Welfare Rights and Money Advice

What's on Calendar

More About... Events - What's On Calendar

Work Clubs

Work Clubs are based in the local community to support people to find work.

More About... Work clubs

Youth Offending Service

More About... Youth Offending Service

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