A to Z of Council Services

Basic bank account

Advice about opening a basic bank account

More About... Basic bank account

Benefit Cap

Explanation of the Benefit Cap and how it may affect you.

More About... Benefit Cap

Benefit fraud

More About... Report suspected benefit fraud

Benefit rates

See the benefit rates card to help you work out if you can get help with means tested benefit.

More About... Benefit rates card

Benefits advice

We can guide you through the maze of benefits that are available and ensure that your claim has the best possible chance of success

More About... Benefits advice


More About... Bins

Blue Badge

More About... Blue Badge parking


Report neighbourhood nuisances such as noise, smoke, odour, light and dust

More About... Report neighbourhood nuisances

Book of Remembrance

Online Southampton book of remembrance

More About... online book of remembrance

Books on Prescription

More About... Books on Prescription

Building Control

Building Control Services is delivered through a partnership between Southampton and Eastleigh councils.

More About... Building Control Services

Bulky Waste Collection

The bulky waste collection service is for getting rid of large household items which can't be disposed of through domestic waste collections.

More About... Bulky Waste Collection

Bus lane enforcement

Information about the bus lane enforcement.

More About... Bus lane enforcement

Bus Pass

SmartCities card information about bus passes

More About... SmartCities card

Business advice

We help businesses comply with legislation and to trade fairly.

More About... Business advice

Business Waste

We provide a flexible, environmentally friendly, competitively priced, easy to use all inclusive commercial waste collection service.

More About... Commercial Waste


More About... Byelaws

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